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Highland Games

Our 27th Annual Highland Games and Gatherings (2024) location and dates will be announced soon! 

All forms will go live as soon as the announcement is made!

Check back often - Thank you!


Click the video to hear our Chieftain, Bruce Marshall talk about our Highland Games

Video by Board Member, Brenda Gagnon, Interview by Gus Martinez

Welcome to the 26th Annual Kern County Scottish Games & Gathering! (April 2023)
Scotland's development, not unlike that of our United States, had influences from different cultures. The native Picts, Irish, Brits, Norsemen, French and Romans all etched their mark in the land of our ancestors. You will notice this as you make your way through the clan tents, taste the delicious foods, marvel as great feats of strength and endurance are performed, and tap your toes as you listed to a variety of Celtic music. All are truly magical!
The members of the Kern County Scottish Society along with other volunteers have devoted countless hours in order to bring this family-friendly and educational event to Bakersfield. This is a labour of love and we greatly appreciate your patronage!

26th Annual
Scottish Highland Games & Gatherings,
April 2023.

Image courtesy of Jay-ar Ignacio, follow him on instagram@jr_ignacio_image

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The caber toss has come to almost symbolise the Highland games and no gathering anywhere in the world would be complete without it.

In the caber toss, a full length log, usually made of Scots pine, is stood upright and lifted by the competitor using both hands under the bottom of the caber to rest against their body. The competitor then runs forward, building momentum, before tossing the caber into the air so that it turns end over end with the upper end landing before the end originally held by the competitor follows through and hits the ground.

The aim is for the caber to land in line with the original run. If it is straight the toss is said to be in the 12 o'clock position. Competitors are judged on how closely their toss lands to 12 o'clock.


The hammer throwing event features a hammer made from a metal ball weighing around 22 lb for men or 16 lb for women, attached to a wooden pole or handle.

Participants use the handle to whirl the hammer around their head and then throw it as far as they can.


The shot put is a favourite at all good Highland Games. Competitors throw a large stone of around 20 - 26lbs in weight as far as they can. The stone is thrown either after a short run-up to the toeboard or from a fixed standing position, depending on the rules of the competition. The contestant who throws the furthest wins.


Sometimes referred to as 'weight over the bar', this game requires competitors to throw a weight over a raised bar. The object thrown is a 25.4kg (56lb) weight with a handle at the end of a short bar which must be thrown using just one hand. With each successful attempt, the bar is raised higher and higher, eliminating the contestants one by one. American Dan Williams broke the record in 2014 with a throw of 6.17m (20ft 3in).


The tug o'war is one of the most fiercely contested competitions at the Highland Games. This involves eight men pulling against another team of eight, coached by an additional member of the team who shouts encouragement and instructions to spur them on to pull their opposite number across the line. Well worth a watch at any Highland Games.

Thank you to "Visit Scotland" for this information. Please click here to visit their site


Thank you! - Tapadh Leat!

If you wish to sponsor this even, please download the form and mail it to The Kern County Scottish Society, P.O. Box 41202, Bakersfield, CA 93384-1202. Donations are also accepted and GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Great food, music & merchandise help make this event a fun experience! We Want You to Come Aboard! 
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