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Celtic Music Festival

Sat. & Sun. April 18 & 19 2020 will be our 25th year of the Kern County Scottish Games & Gathering.  This will be our third 2 day Games and we are very excited to keep up this new tradition. Opening ceremonies are at noon on Sat.   We have some new and fun additions planned!

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​​​​The Kern County Scottish Society was established in July 1971 in Bakersfield, California.  Our mission is to promote Scottish heritage and cultural traditions in Kern County.  Some of these traditions include Highland Games, Highland and Scottish Country Dancing, genealogy, piping and drumming, tartans, Highland dress, and Gaelic,  the native language of Scotland.

The Kern County Scottish Society is a non-profit 501 C(3) educational corporation (Tax ID number available on request).  ​

​In order to continue our mission we need your support!  Volunteers, Membership, Sponsors, and Donations are always needed.  Sponsors and donations are tax deductible and a great way to give back to our community.

​The Kern County Scottish Society believes in giving back and is proud to have provided donations to the Golden Empire Gleaners, Highland High School Pipers, and The Jamison Center Children's Shelter.  We are also in the process of setting up a college scholarship fund for members of the Kern County Scottish Society who are interested in promoting our rich cultural heritage.  The Society is an all volunteer organization.  None of the volunteers, including Chieftain or Members of the Board of Directors, are financially compensated or employed by the Kern County Scottish Society.

​Sponsors are also welcomed for any of our upcoming events, scholarship fund, or general fund.  Just click on the link and include the amount you'd like to donate and what you'd like us to use it for. 

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October 2017 marked the 8th Annual Bakersfield Celtic Music Festival.  Showcasing local and international Celtic rock and traditional music.  We are hopeful to bring back this great tradition in 2019.  Stay tuned for updates!

Come out to one of our events and join in the fun.  You never know where we may show up in our kilts next.  Will you see us in your local pub or pizza joint?  Find out why we are Kern County's best kept secret!  Who will be the first to spot a Scot?


 Family memberships are only $50 per year and individual memberships are $35.  You don't need to be of Scottish descent to join us.  We only ask that you have an interest in Scottish culture.


The Celtic Connection in Kern County

By Herald Yule

The Celtic Community is alive and well in Kern County!  The Scots and Irish have provided much to enrich the history and lives of Kern County residents.  Here's a little local history from 1830 to 1923 involving the Scots/Irish, using the Clan or District name where the surname was first reported.

Ewing Young (Clan Douglas), second U.S. citizen to enter the San Joaquin Valley; Capt. Joseph Walker (Clan Walker) of Walker's Pass fame; Kit Carson (Galloway district), with the Fremont Expedition; Richard Owns (Clan MacEwen), Owens Valley namesake; Lt. George Derby (Aberdeen district) Derby Acres namesake; Gen. Edward Beale (Clan Denzell) established Fort Tejon and Tejon Ranch.  His son, Truxtun Beale, left memorials to his parents in the form of the Clock Tower, the Memorial Library, and a city park.

Lt. Williamson (Clan MacWilliams) explored the Tehachapi mountains for the railroad; William Blake (Clan Lamont) explored both Tehachapi Pass and Tejon Pass for the railroad; Richard Keyes (Clan MacKay) began Kern's gold rush and was the namesake of Keyesville; Major Aneas Gordon (Clan Gordon) is of Gordon's Ferry fame; John Hamilton (Clan Hamilton) began commercial oil development; William McFarland (Clan McFarlene) built the first Kern County Hospital; Capt. John Barker (Stirling district) was editor of the Kern County Echo and his ranch, Hart Park, was the first to use natural gas; Tom Means (Clan Menzies) made the oil discovery which led to the Great Oil Boom; John Searles (Dundee district) discovered gold at Goler; and Aurthur McFaden (Clan MacFadyen) founded the town of Lamont and named it after his mother's clan.

Probably Scottish-influenced settlements:  Edison (Clan Gordon); Edwards (Lennox district); Fellows (Strathspey district); Frazier Park (Clan Fraser); Keen (Clan MacKean); McFarland (Clan MacFarlene); McKittrick (Clan Maxwell); and Sumner (Clan Lindsay), now known as East Bakersfield.

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Jan. 25, 2019 marks the 260th celebration of the life of Robert Burns at The American Legion Hall.  This is a tradition from  around the world and a great evening to learn more about Scottish tradition and history.  Join us for our most traditional evening of the year.

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Individual Membership $35

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